Since its foundation our company is specialized to work on hard machineable materials.
We process all materials, but predominantly metals like

high performance steels, nickel based alloys, special metallic alloys (e.g. Inconel, Monel ToughMet),
aluminium, copper, titanium, tungsten and its alloys a.m.m.

We master the CNC-machining processes in

  • turning
  • milling
  • grinding

and distinguish ourselves by

  • know how
  • precision
  • flexibility

According to customer's drawing we produce turned or milled parts from smallest to rather big dimensions and further on also parts with complex geometries based on combined turning, milling and grinding operations.

5-axis milling operations by programming with our CAM software are feasible as well as the appropriate verification of the parts via a coordinate measuring machine and a form measurement instrument.

We are using a operating data logging system to provide on time information of the orders status.

Additional mechanical processes, surface and heat treatments are performed in cooperation with certified external partners.